ITMs Enhance Service

Dec 8, 2022, 16:34 PM

Earlier this year, Metro began installing Interactive Teller Machines, or ITMs, in place of the traditional drive-thru tube systems. Construction is complete, with the ITMs up and running at our F Street, L Street, Maple, and Fontenelle branches. Members are finding that ITMs are fast, intuitive, and just as easy to use as an ATM. All you need to do is insert your Metro Credit Union Debit Card, verify your PIN, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete a transaction.

Members are quickly embracing the machines, too. At our Fontenelle branch, for example, we are experiencing the same level of daily ITM transactions as we were at the traditional drive-thrus. Members say they also like having the option to video chat live with a teller via an ITM during business hours; it is as easy as a push of a button.

The greatest benefit of the ITMs, however, is the convenience afforded to members when Metro’s offices are closed, either for the night, the weekend, or a holiday. Now when our branches are closed, members have another option for completing everyday transactions, including:

  • Depositing cash
  • Withdrawing cash in varying denominations
  • Depositing checks, including with cashback*
  • Making loan payments with cash or check

In fact, on Veterans Day alone, members were able to perform more than 600 transactions at ITMs, contributing to the 4,500 transactions completed outside of business hours in November.

If you have yet to use an ITM, give it a shot! Remember, it is as easy as using an ATM, so next time you pull up to withdraw cash, use an ITM instead – make your withdrawal in denominations of your choice. After that try out some of the other features like applying a cash payment to your car loan, depositing a check, or video chatting with a teller.

*Cash back on checks limited to $225, per check hold policy

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