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June is National Homeownership Month

June 2020 HomeownershipMonth
Buying a home may signify different things for different people, but the most common dream of owning a home is having a place where memories are made. Buying a home has the potential to bring you a high return on investment. Learn more about mortgages and HELOCs. 

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We're Here to Help You

April 2020Metro Header 2
To provide assistance to members experiencing financial hardship resulting from the response to COVID-19, Metro Credit Union is offering two short term financial relief programs. Members may choose our Skip-a-Loan Payment program and participate in our Emergency Loan Program. 

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Celebrate What's Possible

December 2019Skip & Holiday Loan
Throughout the year we've helped members celebrate what's possible: new kitchens, new cars, new beginnings, and everything in between. While everyone's needs are different, it is our sense of family that brings us all together, especially during the holiday season. 

Don't Let Criminals Play on Your Emotions!

December 2019
In advertising, provoking an emotion can be a very effective way to increase sales. Fear, for example, is a very powerful emotion. Advertisers will appeal to that emotion by telling a quick story to frighten consumers, like: “Millions of people have their identities stolen every year,” or “Did you know criminals can forge your name and take out a mortgage on your home.” Then, the advertiser offers a way for you to protect yourself against those things happening, usually for a monthly fee. 
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Mobile Banking For The Future

December 2018
At Metro, we’re committed to creating a mobile banking app that will allow you to do almost everything on your phone that you can do in a branch. We can’t create that world overnight, but beginning in March, we will take a giant step in that direction.
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