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Tips to Protect Yourself and Recognize Scams After Disasters
Natural disasters can have a big impact on communities, including financial vulnerabilities. In this blog we help you navigate this challenging period and protect yourself from scams.

Benefits of Credit Union for Young Adults 
When it comes to managing your finances as a young adult, credit unions can sometimes be overlooked. In this blog, we'll explore the numerous advantages of credit unions membership for young adults.

 Emergency Funds for Gen Z

Gen Z faces unique financial challenges in an ever-changing world. Learn why an emergency savings fund is essential for young adults today, and how you can start saving with Metro today.

Millennials Guide to Financial Freedom

Taking control of your finances and working towards financial freedom can be a tough task for millennials dealing with high debt and the rising cost of living we're here to help you every step of the way to secure your financial independence.

 2024 Spring Newsletter

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Save and Succeed

Save and Succeed is a free resource with mobile and desktop tools to help you make money decisions today while preparing for tomorrow. Register and everyday you'll find the newest articles, infographics and videos with must-know money management tips.  

Metro Credit Union to Eliminate Return Fees

Metro is one of the first in the area to announce the elimination of return fees to help consumers reduce or avoid overdraft fees.  Describing the need to reduce the fee burden on consumers as, “the right thing to do,” Chief Executive Mike McDermott told the Omaha World-Herald that most studies on overdraft fees can be misleading. Read more.

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