Fraud Protection

To help prevent fraud and ensure that your money is safe, certain restrictions are applied to the use of your Metro Credit Union debit card. Any time you notice fraudulent transactions, contact Metro immediately at 402-551-3052.

Daily Limits

In most cases, Debit Cards have a daily spending limit of $1,500 for purchases and $1,000 for ATM withdrawals. When traveling abroad, some countries have special restrictions. To review these restrictions go to the limits on international transactions section.

Increasing Your Limit

To increase your limit simply contact Metro Credit Union at 402-551-3052 and we can temporarily increase your daily spending limit for larger purchases.

Going on a Vacation?

Any time you are leaving the area, it's a good idea to notify Metro and provide us with your contact information. Using your debit card in another city will often trigger a fraud alert. If we are unable to contact you, it is possible that your card may be blocked.

Limits on International Transactions

For international internet and over the phone transactions, your debit card has a $500 limit (not including lodging and airline purchases). Because of increased fraudulent activity in certain parts of the world, Metro has additional restrictions for certain countries. If traveling to these countries, please contact us at 402-551-3052.

Due to a high level of fraud, transactions will not work in the following countries:

  • Cuba
  • Sudan
  • Iran
  • Syria

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