Insurance Claims

Having damage to a home or vehicle is never an ideal situation. Gather the required information listed below and submit it to Metro Credit Union for processing.


Required Insurance Claim Documentation

Items needed:
Notice of Insurance Claim for Collateral
The Insurance Check. (Endorsements instructions below.)
Copy of insurance company adjuster report/estimate.
Copy of any bids or estimates for repair of collateral (if available).

Initial review can take up to 5 business days.  Incomplete information will result in delays.

Endorsement Instructions: Individual payee borrower(s) should endorse the check if it is for a(n):

1) Automobile loss claim payable to borrower(s) and Metro
2) Real estate loss claim payable only to borrower(s) and Metro.
3) Real Estate loss claim payable to borrower(s), another lender, and Metro, and the other lender has already endorsed the check, and borrower wishes proceeds to be administered by or deposited at Metro.

Individual payee borrower(s) should not endorse the check if it is for a:
1) Real estate loss claim and you want Metro to endorse the check and return it to you.
2) Real estate loss claim payable to borrower(s), Metro, and another lender, and that the lender holds first security position on the collateral.

Please complete, print and sign the Notice of Insurance Claim for Collateral and return it with above referenced documents and check to: 

Metro Credit Union
Attn: Insurance Claims
14509 F Street
Omaha, NE 68137

For questions about an insurance check already submitted, please email Insurance Claims 

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