Metro Credit Union's 5 Star Service Award: Lavone Walker

Apr 13, 2018, 21:28 PM

5 Service Star awardJump Start Service: Going Above and Beyond a Job Description

It was one of those days. You know, early spring in Nebraska: gloomy, gray and bitterly cold. Of course, it could start snowing any second. When 5 o'clock hit, all anyone wanted to do was just get home, get under a blanket and hope for warm weather tomorrow. 

We were waiting to finish up work in the lobby so that the tellers could close and leave. I noticed AJ (Lavone) working with an older member and having a great conversation. Of course, this was typical AJ, but what happened next did surprise me. AJ finished the transaction and came out from behind the teller line. He not only walked the member to the door, but he held both doors for the member and then proceeded to walk her all the way to her car. 

Unfortunately the member's car would not start. AJ then helped the member back inside so she didn't have to wait for assistance in the cold. Once AJ's ride arrived, he went back out with the member and helped jump start her car! 

I can't imaging how all this made the member feel. AJ was a lot more than "just a teller" to that member for sure! 

Submitted by Metro Credit Union Staff Skylar D. 

AJ (Lavone) with his 5 Star Service Certificate and with Skylar who nominated him. 

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