Mobile Banking For The Future

Dec 5, 2018, 22:35 PM

By Mike McDermott, Metro Credit Union President/CEO

One thing I’ve learned after having two kids born in the 1990’s is this: if they can’t do it on their phones, they don’t really care to do it. With respect to banking, we think they’re right. Not only do Millennials and Gen Y’ers demand the convenience and functionality of state-of-the-art mobile banking, but Boomers and Gen X’ers know a good thing when we see it. 

That’s why at Metro, we’re committed to creating a mobile banking app that will allow you to do almost everything on your phone that you can do in a branch. We can’t create that world overnight, but beginning in March, we will take a giant step in that direction.

Metro has purchased a new Mobile & Online Banking platform that will ultimately allow us to compete in technology with some of the largest financial institutions in the country. With the new system, each user becomes unique; joint owners will no longer share logins. You’ll have the ability to view all account information. And, you’ll see the same thing with the same features whether you’re using your desktop or your smart phone.

Some enhancements will be available day one, like:

  • Allowing you to create transfers (ACH) from your Metro account to any other bill or account you like without signing up for Bill Payer.
  • The ability to see your credit score.
  • Adding external accounts with balances and payment due dates to your Metro screen allowing you to see your entire financial picture at a glance. 
Other enhancements scheduled to be added following the initial rollout , include:
  • Metro Account to Non-Metro Account Transfers
  • Enhanced Card Controls
  • Opening new accounts and applying for loans online
  • Creating more powerful account alerts

As we develop the product and roll out more features, everything will be designed to save you time and give you more control of your information and your money. As we approach the rollout date, you’ll receive communications letting you know when and how to login to the new system.

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