Save and Succeed, Metro’s personal finance program, that provides our members a wealth of financial wellness and educational content, has been refreshed to offer even more chances to win in their monthly $1,000 giveaways by Enrich!

In the past you had the opportunity to complete a monthly challenge, such as reading an article, or completing a survey or quiz, for a single entry into their monthly drawing. Now, you can earn added entries throughout the month by completing a variety of monthly and daily tasks.

Completing tasks earn you Sprouts, which you can then redeem for entries into the $1,000 monthly drawing. The more Sprouts you earn throughout the month, the more entries you can redeem for that month’s drawing.


Save & Succeed provides a list of monthly and daily tasks, all centered around a theme for the month, like budgeting, with the goal of providing you knowledge tailored to your specific needs and the tools to help you use that knowledge in your day to day life.

These tasks come in a variety of formats.

  • Courses provide a deep dive into the monthly topic with informational videos, quizzes, practical exercises, and action plan creation.
  • Articles and videos provide education on the monthly theme, tips and tricks, and solutions to problems you may not have considered before.
  • Infographics have illustrated flowcharts and self-assessments to help you see where you stand, where your strengths lie, and what you may need to focus on to reach your financial goals.

Each task, whether monthly or daily, will let you know how much time it will take to complete, giving you the freedom to grow at your pace with the time you have. More in depth tasks, like the courses, also earn you more Sprouts, which you can redeem for more entries in the $1,000 monthly sweepstakes drawings!


In addition to the monthly sweepstakes and customized tasks, Save and Succeed has a huge catalog of information available to you at any time. Simply search by keyword to find easily accessible content on any financial topic you could want. You can add any content you find helpful to your favorites for easy access later, which also helps Save and Succeed tailor its suggested content to your needs and interests.


If you are new to Save and Succeed, you will be asked to complete a financial wellness checkup after creating an account. This involves you rating a series of questions about how you feel about specific areas of your finances, along with selecting financial stressors and your goals to provide you with relevant courses, tools, articles, and programs to guide you to financial wellness.


One of Metro Credit Union’s goals throughout our 70-year history has been to help improve the financial lives of our members. Partnering with Enrich to provide Save and Succeed is a part of realizing that goal. The wealth of information they offer and the easily digestible way it’s presented can be a resource for everyone, regardless of your current financial situation and goals. We hope you take advantage of this free service and wish you luck on the monthly sweepstakes drawings!