by Justin Michaelson

I remember my first job as a bank teller when it was the 90’s. There was one green screen computer for the whole branch to share that looked like it could barely run The Oregon Trail. You could pull up account information by typing a string of codes, but the balances displayed were at least a day behind. This is because transactions were processed on glorified calculators, spitting out miles of ticker tape which were shipped, along with stamped Cash-In & Cash-Out slips and checks, to processing centers to start updating the account ledgers. Checks were sorted and mailed to their originating banks so they could clear, which took 3-5 days. Back then, balancing your checkbook was essential for anyone with a bank account in order to have a good idea of how much money you had at any given time.

ITMs Adding Service For Our Members

Since then, advances in technology have streamlined how banks operate, and how people can interact with their banks and accounts. Online banking revolutionized account access. From real-time balances showing pending debits and credits, to transaction alerts, to making transfers from your home computer or smartphone, depositing checks by taking a photo, and linking external accounts to automate payments and transfers between them. Metro has implemented these technological advances to offer our members features that save time, offer peace of mind, and allow you to do much of your banking anytime, from anywhere. Now Metro is utilizing another technology that will provide more access for more of our members.

Interactive Teller Machines

Metro is in the process of installing Interactive Teller Machines, or ITMs, in place of our traditional drive-thru tube system. ITMs are already up and running at our 144th & F St. location, with Fontenelle, 50th & L, and 111th & Maple soon to follow. Our ITMs use a combination of Online Banking, ATM, and Remote Check Deposit technologies to handle the many types of transactions typically done through a drive-thru.

Our ITMs allow you to do all the things you would expect, like check the balances of your accounts, transfer funds between them, make loan payments, and withdraw cash. They also do a few more things that Metro sees as an added convenience to our members. Not only can you withdraw cash from your account, but you can now withdraw any amount down to the dollar, and have your cash dispersed in any denominations you choose.

Previously if you needed to make a deposit after-hours, you were stuck sealing your cash or checks in an envelope to put in the night-drop, or deposit in the ATM for a teller to pull out and process the next business day. Metro’s new ITMs can now count and total up to 50 bills or checks at a time, and deposit them directly to your savings, checking, or even apply toward your loan.

These services are now available to our members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

This gives you more freedom to do your banking on your time, and addresses needs expressed by small business owners, nurses, and other members who work second or third shifts that haven’t had the same level of access to all of Metro’s services in the past. By inserting your Metro debit card & entering your PIN, you have access to all the accounts you’re associated with, to complete any transaction you would have in the drive-thru, at any time. And while the software is intuitive and easy to use, should you ever have questions or need any assistance, you have the ability to video chat at the ITM with one of our virtual tellers, who are local Metro employees, and are available during normal banking hours. 

ITMs are just one more way Metro is your local banking advantage.


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