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Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

ITMs are convenient, intuitive, and as easy to use as traditional ATMs - just insert your Metro Credit Union debit card, verify your PIN, and follow the on-screen instructions.

ITMs allow you to perform transactions typically available in a traditional drive-thru, including:

  • Depositing cash
  • Withdrawing cash in varying denominations
  • Depositing checks (up to 50 at a time), including cash back*
  • Making loan payments with cash or check
  • Making transfers between accounts

Members can perform transactions on any account they are listed as primary or joint. 

While it's easy to complete a transaction yourself, you can also receive help via live video chat with a virtual teller at an ITM during business hours. ITMs offer a convenient option when Metro's offices are closed for the night, weekend, or on holidays.

*Cash back on checks limited to $225 per Funds Availability Policy.

Metro's ITMs are Located at the Following Branches:

  • F Street (14509 F St.)
  • Maple Street (11102 Emmet St.)
  • 50th & L Street (5025 L St.)
  • Fontenelle & Ames (4444 Ames Ave.)
  • Elkhorn (940 N. 204th Ave., Ste. 270)

Free-standing ITMs are Now Available at the Following Locations:

  • Saddle Creek Express (4444 Farnam St.)
  • Legacy West (2707 S. 177th St.)
  • Goodwill Parking Lot, North of 72nd & Ames (4805 N. 72nd St.)


What is an ITM?

ITM stands for Interactive Teller Machine, and can be best described as a very powerful ATM with video capabilities. ITMs use a combination of Online Banking, ATM, and Remote Check Deposit technologies to perform transactions typically available in a traditional drive-thru. ITMs have video capabilities that allow members to speak to a teller virtually when necessary.

Do I need a special card to use an ITM?

ITMs require a debit card to enable full functionality, so members without a debit card can only use the ITM during office hours when they can get assistance from a virtual teller.

What transactions CAN be performed at an ITM?

  • Balance inquiries
  • Cash deposits
  • Check deposits
  • Cash withdrawals in varying denominations
  • Transfer funds between depository accounts
  • Make loan payments by cash, check, or transfer
  • View and/or print most recent transactions
  • Exchange bills for different denominations

What transactions CANNOT be performed at an ITM?

  • Issue Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders
  • Print forms, statements, or tax documents
  • Accept or dispense more than 50 bills at once
  • Accept a single check in excess of $10,000
  • Accept combinations of checks in excess of $25,000 per day
  • Dispense coin
  • Allow withdrawals or transfers from loans or lines of credit
  • Permit transfers to accounts you are not linked to

What other limitations do ITMS have?

  • The machine is limited to 50 items per transaction. This means you can only deposit or withdrawal up to 50 bills at a time. It also means you can only deposit 50 checks in one transaction.
  • Cash withdrawals are limited to $1,000.
  • A single check for deposit or loan payment in excess of $10,000 or more must be done in the lobby.

How does the virtual teller functionality work?

Simply touch the “Help” button on the screen to be connected to one of our virtual tellers via video during normal business hours.

Do virtual tellers work inside the branches?

No. Virtual tellers work offsite and are available normal business hours.

Can I still go inside a branch to talk to a teller face to face?

Absolutely! Branch staff will be available at all full-service branches during normal lobby hours.

What if I don’t have a Metro Debit Card?

You must have a checking account with Metro to have a debit card. If you have a checking account, but do not have a debit card, please stop into one of our full-service branches or contact us at 402-551-3052 (option #4), and we will order one for you.

What if I have a Metro Debit Card, but do not know my PIN?

You can request a new PIN by calling 1-877-315-3483 from the primary number listed on your account.

When can I use an ITM?

ITMs are available 24/7/365 just like an ATM. Virtual tellers will be available to assist with transactions and answer questions on Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday’s from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

  • I've done business with Metro for 7 years. Every branch is friendly and willing to do business to suit my needs. Referred to many friends.
    Brian G.
  • I love banking with Metro! I’ve never had an issue, whenever I have questions I write to them on the mobile app & they always answer quickly :)
  • It’s always a great experience at Metro Credit Union!
    Randy J.
  • Tellers are very friendly and able to answer questions and assist in timely manner. Also they have really good coffee for customers.
    Wendylyn M.
  • I visited the Emmet street location today and was met with nothing short of outstanding service from the folks working there. Special thanks to Justin, went above and beyond today. Kudos to you all!!
    Mohammed H.

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