Debit and credit cards are the primary instrument used to access the money in your bank accounts. Whether you're at a store, ordering online, setting up auto-payments for bills, or withdrawing cash from an ATM, credit cards and debit cards are what you rely on day in and day out. So, when your debit or credit card goes missing, or you need to make a larger purchase than normal, Metro has made it easy to take complete control of your cards in just a few clicks!

Simply log in to the Metro Credit Union online banking or mobile app, click the "more" option on the menu bar, then click on Card Controls. On the Card Controls page, you can swipe through all the cards linked to your accounts to find the credit or debit card you want to act on.



Freezing & Unfreezing Your Card

Freezing your card is different from blocking it, which is often permanent. A freeze lowers your card's daily spending limit to zero, which will cause any attempted credit or debit card transactions to be denied. You can then turn your card back on by unfreezing it in the mobile banking app to restore the limit, allowing you to use it as normal.

Freezing your card can be useful if you can't immediately find your card, but aren't sure if it's actually been lost or stolen, or in any situation where your card is not in your possession. You can also keep your card frozen until you intend to use it to ensure no unexpected charges come through from merchants that may have your card on file. It's important to keep in mind that if your card remains frozen for more than 60 days, it will be permanently blocked.

Increase Your Daily Limit

There are times when you need to make a larger purchase than normal. This might include transaction types such as replacing appliances, purchasing new furniture, or paying for an emergency bill. In these cases, you want to ensure the transaction won't be denied by exceeding your daily set spending limit. With the Metro Credit Union mobile banking app, you can raise that spending limit, as well as your ATM cash withdrawal limit in real-time, with a few clicks.

Any changes made to your daily limits will automatically reset at midnight, giving you peace of mind knowing you never have to worry about manually lowering your limit back down.

Block or Replace Your Card

Unlike freezing your card, blocking it is permanent and will restrict all card usage. Block & Replace will deny every transaction on your current card, and issue you a brand new card with a new number. This option should be used if your card is lost, or stolen, or if you receive an alert that your card has been compromised and is being used fraudulently.

The Close option will also permanently block your card, but will not immediately order you a new one. The close option in the Card Controls app section is useful if you need to block your card, but are not able to receive a new card through the mail right away. You can order a new card anytime by reaching out to our customer service department.

The final option, Damaged need Reprint does NOT block your card. Instead, it orders a new copy of your current card. Because it's a duplicate, there is no way to block your damaged card and keep the reprint open. Therefore, you will need to properly dispose of your damaged card by cutting it up into several pieces. As an added safety measure, you will want to ensure the chip is cut in half as well.

And there you have it. Total control of your cards at your fingertips & available 24/7 via Online Banking & Metro's Mobile App.

Metro Credit Union

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