In our fast-paced world, home deliveries have become indispensable. Whether you're expecting important documents, valuable items, or everyday essentials, these deliveries are vital. However, with the ease of online shopping, safeguarding your packages, as well as your mail, is more critical than ever.

At Metro Credit Union, we prioritize the safety and security of our members. Here, we provide essential tips to safeguard your packages and mail year-round.

1. Secure Your Packages

The surge in online shopping has led to a surge in package deliveries directly to doorsteps, making them attractive targets for opportunistic thieves. To protect your packages, consider secure delivery options like requiring a signature upon delivery, using parcel lockers, or having packages sent to your workplace.

2. Install a Security Camera

Investing in a home security camera can deter potential thieves. Even the presence of a visible camera can act as a strong deterrent, even if no incidents occur.

3. Use Package Tracking

Online package tracking provides you with precise delivery information. This enables you to plan to be home when packages arrive or have a trusted person collect them on your behalf.

4. Consider Package Insurance

Some delivery services offer package insurance, providing financial protection in case of theft or damage.

5. Retrieve Your Mail Promptly

Thieves often target unattended mailboxes in search of valuable information or items. Cultivate the habit of checking your mailbox daily. Prompt retrieval minimizes the window of opportunity for potential thieves.

6. Avoid Leaving Outgoing Mail in Your Mailbox

While it may seem convenient to leave outgoing mail in your mailbox, it's also convenient for thieves, especially when you've raised the flag to signal outgoing mail. Take the extra step to drop off your outgoing mail at your local post office or use secure mail drop-off locations. This significantly reduces the risk of your mail falling into the wrong hands.

7. Shred Sensitive Documents

Dispose of mail holding sensitive information, such as bank statements or credit card offers, by shredding them. This makes it significantly more challenging for identity thieves to misuse your personal information.

8. Build Strong Neighborhood Connections

Maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors can be invaluable for the security of your mail and packages. Look out for one another and communicate when you'll be away, so someone can keep an eye on your property.