reduced auto loan rates
Odometers are one of the meters that come standard when purchasing a new car that keeps track of the engine usage by tracking the distance you have traveled. You may have different roles throughout your week that adds up your mileage and wear on your car:

  • Grocery getter
  • Carpooler/Sports Enthusiast
  • Baby soother
  • Pet Voyager
  • Cross Country Explorer

Reduced Auto Loan Rates With The Help of Metro Credit Union in Omaha

Get the most of your mileage and finances with the help of Metro Credit Union. Metro enjoys a regional reputation for great rates on auto loans.  When it comes to your loan terms and conditions, the car dealership's job is offering you what seems like an excellent deal for you - but is a better deal for them. In the end, the car dealership's sole goal is to make their money out of you, whether you are buying a car with credit or buying it in cash.

Dealerships vs Credit Unions

While a dealership's terms might feel like the perfect negotiation, you most likely will find better terms from a credit union. Approaching a credit union rather than a bank or dealership can give you more control over the terms attached to your loan: Often a lower interest rate over an extended time and fewer penalties for things like late payments. It just makes sense to start your car buying experience with someone you trust, your credit union!

Auto Loan Rates

If you currently have an auto loan, you should consider refinancing your car loan with Metro and pay less interest. Our goal is to help you get the best deal possible, whether you finance with us or not. We will use our resources to determine if you are paying a fair price for a new or used vehicle, whether you're getting the maximum out of your trade, and determine if your loan rate is competitive.

Metro Credit Union in Omaha

Apply Today as your car is adding up the miles. In fact, Odometer Day is Wednesday, May 12thLearn about things to consider when buying a used or new car.