New MoneyPass ATM Network Change

Feb 6, 2018, 16:10 PM
MoneyPass ATMsOmaha Walgreens locations replaced their ATMs and changed their ATM service provider late last year.  Effective February 7th, this new vendor will no longer be part of the ATM network in which Metro participates.  While this was disappointing, we are excited to announce the addition of the MoneyPass ATM network.  MoneyPass features more, mainly drive-up, ATMs in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area.    
While Walgreens provided Metro Credit Union members with access to around 40 ATM’s, MoneyPass will provide members with access to over 100 ATMs.  In addition, MoneyPass has a smartphone ATM locator app to help you find the free ATM closest to you.     
Walgreens ATMs will continue to be free for Metro members until February 7th, and then our processor is hoping to have MoneyPass ATMs available to Metro members early on the morning of February 7th.  However, the notice about Walgreens was very late, so it is possible there could be a short delay in bringing MoneyPass ATMs online. 
Please visit our website for free ATM locations and learn more about MoneyPass with the free ATM locator app. 

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