New House in the New Year?

Dec 29, 2017, 15:01 PM

Is a new house on your resolutions for the New Year? Here are six tips to get ready for reaching this important goal:

1.) Be ready with a list. Ask yourself some questions. Why are you moving? Why do you want or need a new house? Once you have the answers, make a list of wants, needs, and deal breakers. You may change things around while making this list. The most important column is the “deal breakers” such as a home lacking a garage here in Nebraska when it’s 20 degrees. 

2. )Be ready with your finances and check your credit. You may be looking at snow now, but spring and summer is just around the corner and the housing market will be in full swing. Begin this next phase by checking your credit report. You can check with Metro Credit Union Mortgage, or visit one of several websites that will provide you with a free credit report.

3.) Be ready with your time. Not only do you need to have your list and your finances, you have to have time. When a house comes on the market, you need to make sure your current schedule will allow for viewing appointments. Be as flexible as possible.

4.) Be ready with your mind. Sit with your Realtor and ask as many questions as possible before you even get in the car. Do your best to be mentally prepared. It is big decision and a large investment. 

5.) Be ready with your patience. Home inspection, buying, selling, and moving can be demanding yet exciting. You will be asked to fill out and sign paperwork as well as schedule your move. Remember to breathe and think of how soon you’ll be unlocking the front door into your new home.

6.) Buy for Long Term. Buying for the long term is an investment strategy that will eventually build up equity on your initial investment. Carefully consider the options of renting vs. buying and what works best for your situation.

Buying a home may signify different things for many different people, but the most common dream of owning a home is having place where memories are made. Please contact Metro Credit Union Mortgage with any questions and our friendly staff look forward to helping you reach your 2018 housing goal!

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