6 Questions to ask when choosing a Home Equity Loan

Oct 13, 2017, 19:53 PM

A house is usually one of the biggest assets that a person owns. Whether it is big or small, it plays an important role in a person’s life. That’s why homeowners should decide very carefully when taking out a home equity loan.


Getting a home equity loan seems to be an easy option in situations when you need liquid cash quickly, but it’s not a good strategy to get this type of loan right away without asking yourself a few key questions.


Before taking out a home equity loan, here are some things to think about:


1. Are Interest Rates Relatively Low?
It is important to assess current economic trends to determine if a home equity loan is the right choice. If interest rates are relatively low, then it could be a good choice to opt for a home equity loan. With lower interest rates, you can count on paying less interest over the life of the loan. On the other hand, if interest rates are relatively high, obtaining a home equity line of credit might be a better option.


2. Are There Any Stipulations Associated with Home Equity Loan?
Home equity loans are not exclusively used for home renovation or other similar purposes. They can also be used for other financial needs a person might face like an unanticipated expense or college tuition for a child. Ask the lending institution if there are any limitations on the utilization of the home equity loan. This question can save inconveniences in the future and help you decide whether to apply for the loan or not.


3. Will There Be Any Additional Costs?
A homeowner thinking about a home equity loan should inquire about all the costs associated with the loan. There are often extra costs. For example, taxes might be required, there could be annual or closing costs, cancellation fees, etc. It is important to ask about additional costs to make sure you have enough money to stay within your monthly budget.


4. Which Term of the Loan is the Best?
Next, it’s important to decide the term of your loan, since it can play an important role in managing the repayment. If you are in better financial condition, then a short term loan is better. If you can’t manage higher payments, then a longer term loan might be best.


5. How Much Time Does It Take to Get the Loan?
Thanks to technology, loan procedures aren’t as time-consuming as they used to. The application submission, approval and loan withdrawal can take as little as a few days to complete. It is a good idea to ask questions about an approximate time that this process might take. This can be important if the cash is needed immediately.


6. Are There Tax Advantages Associated with Home Equity Loan?
One of the advantages associated with home equity loans is the tax advantages available to homeowners. This tax advantage is not available with many other kinds of loans. Tax benefits differ from person to person depending on the lending institution, loaner’s financial conditions, and state laws.

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