Back-to-School Success

Aug 17, 2017, 21:57 PM

The smell of a new backpack, the sound of bus doors swinging open and meeting new teachers will soon be around the corner. Back to school is an exciting time of year, but expenses can quickly add up. Take advantage of early deals and savings to spend the final weeks of summer relaxing, carefree with these back-to-school deals. Focus on saving on the big-ticket items (computers, calculators, cell phones, back packs) with coupons, incentive programs, rebates and weekly specials, online-only deals. If your state has Tax-Free Days, plan to do your back to school shopping around that time. Here are some other ways from HGTV to keep your home and your life running smoothly during the busy school year.

If you are ready to have a child drive to school, contact us to see how you can get more for your money with a Metro Credit Union auto loan. If you are considering going back to school yourself, we can help you with a personal loan.

Be shopping savvy with these tips and manage your finances with Metro Credit Union’s Mobile Banking Services. Create and look at your budget by using the Metro Credit Union Money Desktop free online budgeting tool. As you sharpen those pencils, be confident with your finances throughout the school year with the help of Metro Credit Union. We wish all students, parents and teachers a fantastic school year!

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