Checking Accounts

Because everyone has specific features they look for in a checking account, Metro gives members a choice of three terrific accounts: Classic, Executive and Premier. Look over the features of each account and select that account that works best for you. Open your account with an initial deposit of only $25.00 gets you started!

Visa Check Card


Debit2020Once your account is open you’ll receive that ultra-convenient Visa Check Card in addition to a variety of additional services:

  • Make purchases from any merchant who accepts VISA
  • Your purchase will be paid using funds directly from your Metro Credit Union checking account.
  • Works just like an ATM card; use it to make withdrawals across Omaha, Council Bluffs and around the country.
  • Metro Credit Union's Debit Card has a daily purchase limit of $3,000 and an and an ATM daily limit of up to $1,500.
  • Add or update your card alert preferences online, anywhere, anytime through this cardholder site.

Online Banking



Use your laptop or home computer to check account balances, loan rates, pay bills, deposit checks and more. You’ll love the convenience of having all of your account information right at your fingertips.


Mobile Banking


mobile-wallet-iconLike Metro’s online banking, Mobile Banking uses your phone to perform most all of the transactions you could perform by visiting a Metro Credit Union office.  Secure digital payments allow you to use your cards where you want, whether in a store, in an app or online. Learn more of the various wallet payment options:

Secure digital payments allow you to use your cards where you want, whether in a store, in an app or online. Learn more of the various wallet payment options:


Mobile Wallet


mobile-wallet-iconPay for your purchases using your phone! Super convenient. Click on the box below to learn more.

 Mobile Wallet



ATM-iconMetro Credit Union is a member of the MoneyPass ATM network. The MoneyPass network provides Metro members with a wide variety of transaction fee free machines (Over 50)  throughout the Omaha/Council Bluffs area in addition to hundreds of ATMs across the country (Over 30,000). View the ATM location map

Moneypass ATMs outside of Omaha/Council Bluffs may not be subject to a surcharge, but could incur an out of network fee depending on the type of account.



Many Metro members have made the switch from mailed, paper statements to electronic statements. In addition to being eco-friendly, E-Statements arrive more quickly than printed statements and are safer because they can’t be lost or stolen. Best of all, there’s no change to make the switch to E-Statements.

Card Comparison




Minimum Balance

No Minimum Balance Select one Feature: (Bill Pay, Interest, ATM) $500 or $5,000 Household Balance $2,500 or $20,000 Household Balance

Bill Payer   

Free or Free for the first 90 days $4.95/mo after Free Free

Daily Spending Limit

Purchases $2,000 Purchases $3,000 Purchases $3,000
ATM Withdrawals $1,000 ATM Withdrawals $1,500 ATM Withdrawals $1,500

Courtesy Pay

Overdraft limit between $400-$600* Overdraft limit between $400-$600* Overdraft limit between $400-$600*


1 box of free MCU Checks 1 box of free MCU checks 2 boxes of free MCU checks

*Other bank, credit union, and ATM operators’ surcharges may apply. 

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