Get Started with Metro

Becoming a Metro Credit Union member is easy. Simply open a new Savings Account with a minimum deposit of five dollars or more. Maintain that minimum balance and you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of any Metro Credit Union product or service.

Who Is Eligible?

Metro Credit Union operates (as defined by our charter) as a Select Employer Group institution. This means, those eligible for membership come from a list of approved companies outlined by our charter. Metro Credit Union was originally formed by the merger of two credit unions (University of Nebraska Medical Center & Safeway Food Stores) so many of these approved companies come from both the food and health industries. As the credit union has grown, we've expanded our reach to include the field of education. Click here for Metro's list of eligible employer groups. If someone is eligible for membership, their family is eligible for a Metro Credit Union membership.

Additional Membership Benefits

Once a Member, Always a Member

As a Metro Credit Union member, you always have the option of maintaining your membership, even if you leave the employer from which you gained admittance. Even if you move from the area, you have the right to maintain your membership status. Many members who have left the area maintain their relationship with the credit union in order to take advantage of the value offered by Metro.

Membership Privileges

Because credit unions operate using a not-for-profit, but for service philosophy, you'll discover that you have privileges not found at other, for-profit institutions. The credit union is guided by a Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership. These directors are unpaid volunteers, who are credit union members just like you. They give freely of their time to serve their financial institution.

The credit union's Board of Directors is empowered with hiring a President, who in turn hires a staff which has the responsibility of maintaining day-to-day operations. In addition, the Board of Directors meet monthly to determine rates, set policies and make decisions that will guide the credit union. 

Mission Statement:
To Improve the Financial Lives of Our Members


Service Promises

We will treat you like an honored guest

We will make it easy for you to do business with us

We will only make recommendations that improve your financial well-being

We will make your request our priority

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