There was a time when people were hesitant about paying bills online. Many people did not trust the security of internet transactions, and to some, paying bills online seemed risky. Mailing paper checks seemed to be more secure. However, over time, people realized that electronic bill pay is quite secure and many people are warming up to paying bills online.

This article highlights eight benefits of electronic bill pay:

  1. Convenience

    Making online payments through your banking institution, makes it convenient to pay all your bills from a central location. You do not have to log into several websites and remember multiple passwords. Many providers also include an option to pre-schedule payments on their due date or another day of your choosing. Whether you receive your bills electronically or by mail, you can utilize online banking to schedule payments. After scheduling a payment, the banking institution will either pay those companies electronically or send them a paper check.

  2. Security

    Financial institutions now use the best security protocols to help keep your transactions secure. Several methods are incorporated to keep your information safe, including:

    • Usernames and Passwords
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Security layers that help in preventing outsiders from attacking
    • Encryption processes that keeps your data hidden during electronic transit
    • Automatic sign off if your online session is idle for too long
  3. Simplified Money Management

    When you make use of electronic bill pay, at a glance, you can check account balances and determine whether your bill payment has been scheduled and paid. Other benefits include:

    • Search specific payments online
    • Access online payment history
    • Set up email alerts that keep you posted about scheduled payments
  4.  Credit Card Payments Allowed

    There are several advantages to paying your bills with a credit card. It lends an extra layer to the security for your payments. Also, if you do not have enough cash on hand, using your credit card leaves the worry behind of your checking account going into overdraft.

  5. Going Green

    One of the biggest benefits of paying bills online is eliminating paper waste. Paying your bills online will reduce paper checks being mailed. In addition to eliminating paper waste, it also eliminates the costs of postage and envelopes.

  6. Easy Consolidation

    Using an online bill pay service allows you to consolidate your bills in one place. Your bills are collected and emailed to you and then posted to your account. From there, they can be automatically paid from your account on the dates you specify.

  7. Organization

    It is certainly possible to lose focus on your finances, but electronic bill payments help you organize your records. With all your bills and payments organized in one single place, you can easily tell if something is posted incorrectly.

  8. Saves You Time

    Once you have the electronic bill payment service setup online or on mobile, it takes just minutes to pay your bills.

    Today, online banking is considered to be much safer than paying by a check and reduces the risk of identity theft. Although security risks exist online it is more secure than sending your personal information through the mail. Increasingly people are shifting to electronic statements and making use of online bill pay thus saving themselves time and money.