Alerts and Notifications

Metro Credit Union offers online alerts and notifications to all members through our online banking and mobile app.  Alerts and notifications can be tailored to you and your needs.  Select between the different delivery methods (SMS, Email or Push) and the different alerts, all from your phone or computer.

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Notifications and Alerts

Set up alerts and notifications to know when things happen (or don't) on your account.


Log in to your account with Metro Credit Union. If you aren't registered yet, use the link to get started.


Once logged in, click "More" to see additional options. The first icon under more is the "Alerts" Icon. Use that icon to access all the different notifications and alerts that you can set up on your Metro Credit Union Account.

Set Your Alerts

Account Alerts will let you set different notifications and alerts on items that process through your account. To activate, click the button to the right of the alert you want to activate. Some alerts require you to set dollar amount thresholds for alerts.

Select Your Delivery Method

Click the button for the delivery method you would like. You may have multiple delivery methods selected and multiple devices can receive notifications/alerts.

Alerts We Recommend

  • Automatic Deposit- Let's you know when your paycheck gets deposited
  • Balance- Set an amount (above or below) and you'll get a notice when you've passed it.
  • Check Cleared- Set a range or get a notice for each check cleared
  • Insufficient Funds- An alert will tell you when you don't have enough funds for a transaction. trying to clear.

Start setting up your alerts today
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