Important Frequently Asked Questions

Courtesy Pay FAQs

  • What are Metro’s Courtesy Pay limits?

  • What is your fee for Courtesy Pay?

  • What is your Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee?

  • Are there situations where Metro will not charge its $33 overdraft/Courtesy Pay fee?

  • Does Metro cap the number of fees (i.e., Courtesy Pay/Overdraft) charged?

  • How are the Courtesy Pay Fees assessed?

  • Can you show an example of a Courtesy Pay Fee assessed for an insufficient Available Balance?

  • How are Overdrafts and NSFs different?

  • What is the difference between my actual balance and my available balance?

  • Do you have a definition of available balance?

  • What types of transactions are not reflected in the available balance?

  • What is a debit card authorized hold?

  • Does Metro pay all overdrafts?

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