Board of Directors

From the Chairman of the Board:

On behalf of my fellow Directors, it is our privilege to serve as your elected representatives on the Metro Credit Union Board. Unlike for-profit financial institutions, Metro Credit Union is owned by its members; there are no outside investors. Our primary duty as volunteer Directors and Committee Members is always, first and foremost, to act in the best interests of the members and the Credit Union. Our responsibility is to ensure the Credit Union works for its members, now and long into the future.

The Credit Union Board meets monthly to set policy and approve strategies to carry out the Credit Union’s goals and objectives. The Board also appoints the Supervisory Committee, which is charged with safeguarding the Credit Union’s assets, and the Asset Liability Management Committee, which monitors interest rate risk in the Credit Unions’ balance sheet.

Metro’s Board and Committee Members represent a wide array of experience and expertise. We have individuals recently elected to the Board and Directors with decades of service. They enhance the Credit Union with skill sets including finance, accounting, healthcare, advertising, construction, HR, security, property management, and business administration.

Since being chartered in 1951, the Credit Union has grown to over $250 million in assets, with nearly 120 employees in seven offices, serving over 30,000 members. Metro Credit Union's commitment to conservative operations and providing value to members has led to unprecedented growth over the past several years. You have our commitment that we will continue to work in your best interests, so that Metro is here to meet your needs today; and your family’s needs tomorrow.

Thank you for the faith and trust you place in us, and thank you for being part of an amazing success story.

To contact the credit union President, Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee, use the following email addresses:

Michael Connolly
J. Michael Connolly,

John White
John White, Vice Chairman 

Randy Johansen
Randy Johansen,
Asset Liability Comm.

Vicky Lorchick
Vicky Lorchick,
Chair Supervisory Comm.

Tim Lonergan
Tim Lonergan,

Joe Eckley
Joe Eckley,

Rick Boldt
Rick Boldt,

Kathy Conradson
Kathy Conradson,
Supervisory Comm.

Erin Callaghan
Erin Callaghan,
Supervisory Comm.

Larry Ludwig
Larry Ludwig,

Marilyn McWilliams
Marilyn McWilliams,

Robert Nelson
Robert "Bob" Nelson,

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