April is Financial Literacy Month: Save and Succeed

Apr 7, 2022, 15:10 PM


Financial Literacy Month in April is an entire month dedicated to creating awareness of the importance of financial literacy and teaching individuals how to build and maintain healthy financial habits. The core concepts promoted are Spending, Saving, Borrowing, Earning, and Protecting. It is just one component of someone’s overall financial well-being.


Free Resources

Metro Credit Union offers the free resource, Save and Succeed, which has mobile and desktop tools to help you make money decisions today while preparing for tomorrow. Make sure to register to utilize all the financial resources and enter the monthly prize challenge for your chance to win $1000 from Enrich.


Money Skills Courses

When you register for Metro’s Save and Succeed, you unlock mini-courses to improve the money skills that are most important to you. And when you answer just a few quick questions, you will receive personal finance resource recommendations relevant to you. You will find the newest articles, infographics, and videos with must-know money management tips every day. Register today for Save and Succeed!


On Fridays throughout April, visit Metro’s social media Fin Lit Friday Tips. Read more about 5 Ways Parents Can Teach Their Kids About Financial Literacy and 10 Tips to Build Your Financial Future.


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Let Metro help you stay on track financially with twenty-two things to try through Metro Credit Union in 2022 . We look forward to assisting members with financial services and supporting our community during Financial Literacy Month 

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