Metro Credit Union's 5 Star Service Award: Eliza Daye

Jun 25, 2018, 22:00 PM
Congratulations Eliza DayeFinding A Way

This is the third Metro Credit Union staff member to be awarded the monthly 5 Star Service Award in 2018.

Eliza Daye was working with a member who was struggling to make ends meet this month. He was overdrawn in his account and still had one bill remaining. He called in to see if we could extend his courtesy pay to cover the payment. Eliza reached out to the CP department to see if we would allow the member to go further negative in his account. While CP was reviewing the member's request, Eliza took the time to go through this member's account to see if there were any other options. Unfortunately, it was determined that extending the member's courtesy pay limit would ultimately put him in a worse situation. 

However, through Eliza's efforts, she found a way to say "yes" to this member. Eliza realized that the member was current on his signature loan, with perfect payment history, and would be eligible to advance funds off of it. When Eliza gave this news to the member, he was beyond elated. He praised Eliza and thanked her for helping him find a way to pay his bills on time. Eliza could have just as easily have delivered the decision not to raise the Courtesy Pay limit and ended the call there. Instead, she worked for the member to find a solution. She found a way to strengthen our relationship with that member. Thank you, Eliza! 

Submitted by Metro Credit Union Staff  by Meagan W.

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