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Mobile Banking For The Future

December 2018
At Metro, we’re committed to creating a mobile banking app that will allow you to do almost everything on your phone that you can do in a branch. We can’t create that world overnight, but beginning in March, we will take a giant step in that direction.
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Sometimes It Matters Where You Bank

December 2017
Something we don't like to admit in banking is that most financial products and services are similar wherever you go.  Most checking accounts work basically the same way.  If the rates are comparable, most loans work the same way too. That's what makes delivering better service so important because that is the way you differentiate yourself from other financial institutions.
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As Metro Members Move, Branches Follow

February 2017
Over the next two years, Metro will be shaking up our office locations to better meet the needs of our members.  In January, the Credit Union purchased land for a new office on West Maple Road, and on April 1st, Metro will be closing our office at 84th & Q Streets. 
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A Little Perspective on Interest Rates

December 2016
There is a lot to love about Millennials.  They are great at multitasking, and they're incredibly tech-savvy. They are extremely well-connected to other people through various forms of social media many Baby Boomers have never even heard of. 
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In the News

Heat doesn’t deter thousands at Memorial Park show featuring Starship

June 30, 2018
The Confidentials, Bostyx — a Boston and Styx tribute band — and Starship perform for concert goers at the Metro Credit Union Celebrates America Concert and Fireworks Show on Friday, June 29, 2018, at Memorial Park in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Metro Credit Union is ranked by Forbes as the #1 Credit Union in Nebraska

June 28, 2018
Did you see that Metro Credit Union is ranked by Forbes as the #1 Credit Union in Nebraska. In addition, Metro received the highest overall ranking score of any financial institution, in Nebraska.  




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